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2016 Annual Review Labour & Employment

2017 Annual Review Labour & Employment

ABSL HR Roundtable on Legislative Changes

Iulian Patrascanu, speaker of the ABSL Annual Conference 2017

Fine Law hosted the Law Firm Network Regional Meeting in Bucharest – 14-17 September 2017

Learning & Development Roundtable – Outsourcing Today – 15 June 2017

Workshop: Let's Talk HR Legal Compliance!

Let’s Talk HR Legal Compliance!

Business in the Global Arena: What’s The Big Picture and Why Should We Care?

Timisoara Business Mixer 2015

International Conference "HR Development & Transformation" , 7-8 October 2015

"Managing People Overseas"- workshop, 24 June 2015

The Labour Law Seminar, 24 April 2015

Best Practices in Applying the Labour Legislation

A.C.C.A Legislative Workshop: Iulian Patrascanu participated as speaker

HR ANNUAL CONFERENCE- The Retrospective of 2014 in Labour Law

British Country Focus (Business Review Magazine)

Logistics seminar

Power Breakfeast – Compliance Matters

Power Breakfeast – Compliance Matters - II

American Country Focus (Business Review Magazine)

Power Breakfeast – Compliance Matters - III

Dutch Country Focus (Business Review Magazine)

Let’s talk HR – Delegation, secondment and the collective labor agreement

HR Annual Conference – Retrospective of 2011 in Labor Legislation

HR Annual Conference – Retrospective of 2011 in Labor Legislation - II

Annual HR Compliace – Retrospective of 2011 in Labor Legislation - III

Let’s Talk Compliance – Nullity of successive performance contracts

Let’s HR Talk – Avoiding a court decision of reinstate an employee

Let’s Talk HR – Patrimonial liability

Let’s Talk Compliance – Voidance of contracts

Let’s Talk HR – The risk of non provide training for employees

HR log-out

Let’s Talk HR – Internal Rules

HR log-out - II

Let’s Talk HR – Brasov