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Who We Are?

Fine Law | Patrascanu & Associates is a Bucharest Based law firm of experienced lawyers with expertise in handling diverse and complex commercial transactions and providing Labour and Employment Law advice.

Since 2007, we have concentrated on what we know best: providing clients with objective, thoughtful, strategic, practical and tailored legal services. Our foundation is built on experience, trust and honesty. At Fine Law, all clients’ legal challeges are handeled by a Senior Lawyer, with solid knowledge on your industry, who remains assigned to the matter until completion, which ensures effective communication between the client and Fine Law.

We are part of the Worldwide Law Firm Network, an association of law firms with affiliates in 58 countries, and in such position we have developed well established relationships with some of the leading law firms in the major business centers of the world (London, New York). Thus, our clients benefit from the professional expertise of more than four hundred experienced lawyers available on a short notice.

Our real strength is person to person. Our clients receive individual attention at the partner level and every senior staff member at Fine Law is a knowledgeable professional who is always prepared to answer your questions immediately and accurately. We understand your needs, your opportunities, your concerns and that they can change. We create flexible, innovative legal solutions to meet your business needs exactly.

We know that in-house counsel, HR professionals and corporate executives do not just manage legal work; they are expecting Fine Law to become their business partner and contribute to the organization’s overall success. This means you need us to do more than just great legal work. You need us to be your strategic partners, as well as legal counselors who understand your industry and your business. Our role is to to help you reduce costs, manage risks and succeed in your professional activity.

That’s why we run our business the way you run your business, making important investments in our firm, client relationships and the future of the legal profession. We understand your need for high-quality, cost-effective legal services.

We are sensitive and respectful to the unique needs of clients and our colleagues

Fine Law

Why Fine Law?

Fine Law is committed to providing the highest level of client service, no matter how complex the matter we handle. This means:

  • We will not keep you waiting.
  • We run preliminary evaluation at no cost.
  • Seventy-five percent of our cases come from returning clients or referrals.
  • Senior Attorneys, rather than junior or paralegals, will handle your case and all significant meetings will be between yourself and your appointed attorney (no change during the assignment).
  • You can be confident that we know the particularities of your business and industry. We know that context is important. We take the time to learn the business circumstances and environment in which you operate, so that the legal advice we provide fits your needs.
  • In every matter we handle, we try to identify your primary business objective and then find and implement a solution to meet that objective.
  • You can be assured that your time is respected. We know you are busy and must manage many challenges simultaneously, so we do our best to avoid last-minute surprises. We meet deadlines and we communicate with you efficiently.
  • You benefit from our ability to help you avoid legal problems, using our Compliance program. We provide thoughtful legal advice, in order to anticipate and prevent employee claims and lawsuits, government investigations and union organizing activity.
  • Our assistance is cost-effective, practical and tailored to your needs.