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Regulatory & Compliance (Change area)

With the today’s ever-increasing focus on risk management, Fine Law has been developing compliance programs which are designed to handle regulatory compliance challenges which our clients are facing today, irrespective of forms: regulatory, litigation, business ethics, and/or contractual.

The Firm is assisting clients succeed in meeting the regulatory requirements, and managing business risk by providing tailor made programs to enhance and maintain corporate governance, regulatory requirements and business ethics.

Consequently, we have designed and developed unbiased legal compliance programs, which suggestively are named ThinkFuture®, because we strongly believe that “the best way to predict future is to create it”. ThinkFuture® stands for a series of comprehensive compliance programs focused on analyzing, determining and correcting certain corporate behaviors which could expose a company to governmental sanctions, fines, costly litigation and/or defaults towards third parties.

We have a dedicated team with in-depth knowledge of key regulatory knowledge twinned with industry experience in advising on and resolving compliance breaches. This team has considerable experience of meeting client needs through due diligence assessment for business restructuring, assets and business acquisition, regulatory and compliance auditing.

Significant improvements in legal compliance and simplified procedures were the result of our Compliance Programs performed to our clients.