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Amendments on the regime of foreigners in Romania

Iulian Patrascanu will hold a lecture about Business Ethics to the students of the Master in Business Services, organized by the Academy of Economic Studies

2016 Annual Review Labour & Employment

Drug testing of the employees – legal boundaries and alternatives

2017 Annual Review Labour & Employment

Tax exemption for IT employees [Infographic]

Government emergency ordinances No. 79/2017 and 82/2017 - DOs & DON’Ts

ABSL HR Roundtable on Legislative Changes

Legal Tools for Talent Retention: “Don’t lie to me and if you do, just go away” Employee’s Background Screening

The obligation to initiate negotiation of collective labor contracts and addenda to collective labor contracts for the implementation of GEO 79 / 2017

Legal Tools for Talent Retention - The Fidelity Clause

Partener Strategic ABSL