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Iulian Patrascanu will hold a lecture about Business Ethics to the students of the Master in Business Services, organized by the Academy of Economic Studies

04 November 2018 / Written by PATRASCANU IULIAN / Print article

Iulian Patrascanu, Senior Partner within Fine Law | Patrascanu and Associates, held a lecture about Business Ethics to the students of the Master in Business Services program, organized Academy of Economic Studies, in collaboration with ABSL (The Association of Business Service Leaders in Romania). This was part of his long term commitment to create and promote a compliance culture in Romania.

Iulian’s legal skills, professionalism, knowhow, business understanding and the excellent track record of his previous 21 years of experience in the legal and business field are solid professional grounds, based on which he conveyed to the students his vision of the principles and standards of business ethics and the promotion of proper business behavior, with a decisive impact on the final results of the companies, which should conduct operations and activities ethically, with the highest level of integrity and in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

Using practical examples from the business environment, Iulian Patrascanu helped students better understand the concept of "Business Ethics".

The Business Services Master Program was the winner of the "Best Academic Program of the Year" section of the Romanian Outsourcing Awards for Excellence 2017 gala.

The first semester of this Business Services Master will be called "Essentials of Business Services Outsourcing" and included courses in the Business Services Industry, Business Ethics, Project Management Tools in the Business Services Industry, Team Management in the Business Services Industry, Sales and marketing in business services industry and ERP systems.

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