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Teleworking - new type of employment agreement

29 March 2017 / Written by PATRASCANU IULIAN / Print article

According to the Minister of Employment and Social Justice (MESJ), there is a project to regulate a new type of employment agreement, respectively teleworking.

Teleworking refers to performing job duties from a remote location by using telecommunications technology, envisaging employees who carry out the same activity which could be carried out also at the headquarters or working units of the employers, usually from an outside location.

The teleworkers have the same rights, as guaranteed by the applicable legislation and collective bargaining agreements, as the employees carrying out their activity within the employers’ working spaces.

The employer will be liable to take any required measures, particularly related to software, in order to protect the data processed by the teleworkers for professional purposes.

The reasons for regulating this innovative type of employment agreement are, according to MESJ representatives, to modernize the work organization and to create an alternative for the employees to reconcile work and social life, by offering them a greater autonomy in carrying out their job tasks, teleworkers being in charge to design their work schedule, under the condition to comply with the applicable legislation, collective bargaining agreements and internal regulations of the employer.


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