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International Conference "HR Development & Transformation" , 7-8 October 2015

27 August 2015 / Written by PATRASCANU IULIAN / Print article

Iulian Patrascanu, Lead Partner at Fine Law, was one of the main speakers & panel members to the Profiles International Conference "HR Development & Transformation", taking place at Kronwell Hotel in Brasov, on the 7-8 October, 2015. The conference is the only international human resources event to ran for 12 consecutive years in Romania, bringing together internationally renowned speakers, while offering new points of view and case-studies of good practice in HR.

The talking points responded to topical issues, namely why HR should transform itself, how it should look like and especially how the transformation should actually start, so that the changes be successful and sustainable in the long run. 

Iulian Patrascanu addressed in his presentation, "The cost of noncompliance in HR: from ending your career to the bankruptcy of a company" the realities compounded in the fact that the change management in HR entails an effective business risk management.

Around 250 specialists in human resources were expected to take place at the conference, working within local and multinational companies. 

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