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Timisoara Business Mixer 2015

26 October 2015 / Written by PATRASCANU IULIAN / Print article

On 17th November 2015, Iulian Patrascanu participated as a speaker to an integrated debate about the development and the retention of the employees, at the event “Timisoara Business Mixer 2015”, organized by A.B.S.L. at City Business Centre, Timisoara.

His presentation, “Good-bye, but stay for a while!- Employee retention strategies to avoid top talent departure”, will highlighted the legal tools that protect the companies against various threats related to the transfer of employees’ knowledge.

It’s a fact that today’s businesses are often based on the workings of particular procedures, or may depend on carefully developed information that must be kept secret if they are to maintain a competitive edge.  An employee with access to this know-how could be seen as an asset to competitors, if he decides to leave the company.

Timișoara Business Mixer’s theme, “Human Resources, Learning & Development” will bring together leading decision makers in the outsourcing industry, focusing on the need to create the right talent from the start.

For more details about this event, please visit the link below:

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